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Our Heritage


It was a time of high refinement, honor and patriotism in Poland when King Augustus III presided over the royal court. Respected throughout Europe, the Polish nobility were renowned for their culture, good taste and most of all their extravagant hospitality, particularly when it came to their favorite vodka. The Royal Decree of 1572 had given the nobility exclusive rights to distill and sell vodka. The distilleries were managed by local elders who were entrusted with developing and perfecting the finest vodkas for their noble’s table. Thus came about a great dynasty of distillers throughout the kingdom.


In 1743, deep in Southern Poland, while scouting the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains for the best rye, a particular group of elders discovered sweet, late-harvest rye from the nearby Wielkopolska fields. They determined that the secret of the finest vodka would be a unique five-step distillation process using this particular regions sweet rye. It gave a much softer, mellower taste than any other traditional grains. They combined this superb distillate with water from the nearby Carpathian Mountain spring, which was exceptionally pure and soft. The careful blending of the distillate with this water is what still produces PRAVDA today– the smoothest vodka ever produced.


Today, PRAVDA has since kept its long tradition of having high standards of excellence in production and quality. The shape of our PRAVDA bottle is reminiscent of a champagne bottle, purposefully representing "The Champagne of all Vodkas".

Chilled neat or created into any cocktail, 

PRAVDA and its full range of flavors exceeds expectations and will always be enjoyed around the world where it will continue serving those seeking the “Truth in Vodka”. 


 PRAVDA is truth

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