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The Grains

PRAVDA uses the best quality sweet rye grain from the foothills of the Carpathian mountain range in Poland. The cost of rye grain is ten times more than that of corn or potato. In addition, the distillate yield from rye is one-third that of corn or potato; therefore, making a rye vodka is thirty times more costly. Sweet rye grain gives a mellow, soft taste. In addition to the rye grain used, there are other distinctions which make PRAVDA recognised by the most demanding palates in the world, attaining medals in prestigious competitions all over the globe.


The Process

PRAVDA is made through implementing a five-step distillation process. Something extra special takes place after the initial three step distillation, the distillery has two more, higher than normal, columns. These extra two columns eliminate another 40% of the distillate, thereby giving a smaller yield and making the end product extra fine and pure. This five-step distillation process makes it worthwhile in creating PRAVDA, the best vodka in the world.


In addition to the 5 step distillation process, PRAVDA performs an additional step in distillation which is truly magical. It takes place in a unique copper still and as the copper reacts with the distilled spirits, it softens the taste making it extra gentle. This extra step distinguishes PRAVDA Vodka from other vodkas in the world.

The Water

PRAVDAs water is sourced from the Carpathian Mountain Reserve where general public are not permitted. This water emerges from natural springs and flows into catchments with additional water from natural rainfall, it is totally pure.

PRAVDA brings this water to its factory in sterilized stainless steel tankers. The water is treated in an extramely subtle way, not demineralizing but only a gentle filtration process which eliminates all heavy minerals making the water ultimately pure. It is ultimately superb quality – perfect to blend with spirits. This special technique in our filtration process was developed by German technicians who only use state-of-the-art methods of reverse osmosis.

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"An azeotropic mixture is a liquid mixture that has a constant boiling point and whose vapor has the same composition as the liquid."

The Azeotropic Mixture

It takes us two weeks to gently turn in, or blend, the water with the spirits to create an azeotropic balance of purity of water and spirits and thereby creating our perfect PRAVDA vodka. At PRAVDA we understand the thermodynamics and physical chemistry of blending water with spirits to achieve the smoothest, softest and perfect result.

 Charcoal Filtration

The special quality charcoal used for PRAVDA vodka comes from French forests where trees are grown under perfect conditions and maintenance is supreme, which makes the charcoal therefrom well suited for our final distillation process. This final sixth process softly coaxes out any impurities in the azeotropic mixture of the spirits and the water. This charcoal is unique to PRAVDA. Other vodkas are made with commercial charcoal which does not remove impurities as finely and creates a harsh taste.


Cold Stabilization

The combined water, spirits, and charcoal are cold stabilized and then passed through ultra technical filters under high pressure. This gives PRAVDA vodka purification that is unique and special.


To be doubly assured that every drop of PRAVDA is perfect, each bottle is washed twice before filled with PRAVDA. Firstly the bottles are washed with extremely hot water and then washed with pure spirits. These spirits are emptied out of the bottle slowly. The bottles are then air dried and filled with PRAVDA Vodka, filled into an immaculate vessel prepared especially for PRAVDA Vodka.

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Organoleptic Appraisal

Every bottle of PRAVDA is maintained for a period of time after production before it is released, after which it gets tasted by nine tasters. They perform a strict organoleptic appraisal tasting for aroma, texture and flavor before submitting it for approval. If any one of the tasters do not give 100% approval of either qualities, it gets disposed, assuring that only the best quality vodka leaves the distillery. This assures you of the highest quality in every PRAVDA bottle.

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