The World's Finest Vodka

 PRAVDA  is a super-premium, luxury, hand crafted vodka produced in the heart of the world renowned vodka production region in Poland. PRAVDA is made in small batches under the stringent guidance learned from a sixth-generation master distiller. 

Our Source of Purity

 Clean, natural water flowing from the pristine springs from the Beskidy Mountains within the Carpathian Mountain region is used to enhance the smoothness and clarity of PRAVDA. This pure spring water is ice-cold and has a unique crystalline softness, a true gift of nature when combined with late harvest Wielkopolska rye grain to produce PRAVDA vodka.

Image by Fakurian Design

Our Elegant Collection

 The World's Finest Vodka is available in nine distinctive flavors. Discover the decadence of our naturally infused vodka collection. Each flavor has been selected appropriately and perfected to taste. All the fruit infusions have been carefully chosen and produced only from the finest growers in the world.

Rethink your signature drink, switch to the only

truth in vodka - PRAVDA 

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Pravda Caramel
Pravda Caramel

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