Best Rated Premium Vodka Brand, Imported from Poland.


Normal vodka is made from corn grains. These grains give a distillate which is much harsher than the sweet rye grains Pravda uses from the Carpathian fields in Poland. The cost of the rye grains is ten times more expensive than corn. In addition, the distillate yield from rye is one third
of corn. Therefore, making a vodka from rye costs thirty times more than making a vodka from corn. But it is worth it. Corn gives a strong taste whereas sweet rye gives a “mellow” taste. In addition to the grains there are other distinctions to making Pravda outstanding.


Pravda is made by a normal three step distillation process. Thereafter, something special takes place. The Pravda distillery has two extra high columns in addition to the first three. These extra high columns permit drawing off spirits that are pure because there is less impurities which
are drawn off. The extra two columns eliminate 40% of the distillate thereby giving a smaller yield. But the product is extremely fine and pure. The five step distillation process is worth it.

Super Premium Vodka Brand, Pravda Vodka, Imported from Poland.
Ultra Premium Luxury Vodka brand, Pravda Vodka Distilled in Poland

Above and beyond its sophisticated five step distillation process, Pravda activates a magical extra distillation. It takes place in a unique copper still. The copper in the still reacts with the distilled spirits to soften their taste and make them extra gentle. This is the reason Pravda vodka is extraordinarily smooth.


Water can be purified by demineralization. You can take normal city water, run it through a demineralizer, strip out all the impurities and you have a water that’s pure; however, it’s flat – it has no taste. It has lost all its round character as water. Since water is 60% of a bottle of vodka,
you want water that has character, that works well with the spirits and softens the spirits, and it marries the spirits; not just flat water.

What does Pravda do to get fantastic water? First, all the water comes from a mountain reserve where people are not permitted to visit. This water is for very special usages and never finds its way into the city.

The water comes from mountain springs. It comes from natural rainfall. It is totally pure and natural. Pravda brings this water to its vodka factory in stainless steel tankers – carted much the way people bring milk. And in fact it comes in milk trucks – stainless steel milk trucks. So every drop of this water is really worth its weight in gold.

Once the water gets to the Pravda plant it is then treated in a very subtle way – no demineralization, only a gentle filtration process which eliminates any of the heavy minerals and makes the water extremely pure and drinkable. The water is also full of character – it’s round and soft. It has a superb quality to it – perfect to blend with spirits. The special process of filtration was developed by German technicians and uses state of the art methods of reverse osmosis.


It’s very important to blend pure water with the spirits in an easy slow way because if you put the water into the spirits too quickly you create a thermo-dynamic reaction which breaks down the molecules of the water and also the softness of the spirits. So it takes us two weeks to gently mix or blend the water with the spirits to create an azeotropic mixture of purity of water and spirits which creates vodka. Just taking pure alcohol and throwing water into it will give you what some people call vodka, but not for Pravda because Pravda understands the thermodynamics or physical chemistry of blending water with spirits to achieve a soft mixture.


The special charcoal used for Pravda is made from French birchwood grown in the forests of France, particularly suited to make excellent charcoal which softly coaxes out any impurities in the azeotropic mixture of the spirits and the water. This special charcoal is unique to Pravda. Other vodkas are made with commercial charcoal which does not remove impurities as finally and creates a harsh taste.


The combined water, spirits, and charcoal are cold stabilized and then passed through ultra technical filters under high pressure. This gives a purification of a vodka that is unique and special.

Best Vodka Bottling


To be doubly certain every drop of Pravda is perfect, each bottle is washed twice before Pravda is placed into it. First there is a hot washing and then there is a washing with pure spirits. These spirits are dripped out of the bottle slowly. Then the bottles are air dried and Pravda Vodka is filled: Filled into an immaculate vessel prepared specially for Pravda Vodka.


Every bottle of Pravda is held for six months after production before it is released. At the end of the six months, it is tasted by nine tasters. They go through an organolyptic appraisal tasting for nose, aroma, etc., to give their blessing. If any one of the tasters does not feel that the quality is totally smooth, pure, lacking in harshness, it is not sold in the market. It is dumped and destroyed.

Best Rated Premium Vodka