Best Rated Luxury Vodka brand, Imported from Poland.



Luxury Imported from Poland

Our Heritage

Top Shelf Premium Polish Vodka



The World‘s Finest Vodka is now available in a

decadent collection of naturally infused flavors.

The Collection

The World’s Finest Vodka

Pravda Vodka is crafted in the heart of the world renowned vodka producing region of Southern Poland, and is made in small batches under the strict guidance of a sixth generation master distiller.

Of Noble Origins

Dating back to 1743, Pravda Vodka was once reserved by Polish nobility for only the most special occasions. Pravda stands the test of time – a tribute to the unwaivering passion and craftsmanship that goes into producing this jewel of vodkas.

Our Source of Purity

The water used in Pravda Vodka comes from the pristine natural springs deep within the Carpathian Mountains. This pure spring water is ice cold and has a crystalline softness – a true gift of nature.

Introducing An Exquisite Collection

The World‘s Finest Vodka is now available in seven distinctively exquisite flavors. Discover the decadence of our naturally infused vodka collection and rethink your signature drink.

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